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Raising the right size cattle

for better feed efficiency and profitability

This page documents calves growth from three different frame size registered Hereford cows bred by a Miniature Hereford bull that is a frame 1 size. Birth weights are captured by a digital scale but future growth is estimated by a Nasco tape for estimated live weight of beef cattle. Height, weight, age, and picture will be included. The breeding bull is DF Cascades Kris Kringle.

DF Cascades Kris Kringle

Sire: DF Cascades Noble King
Dam: 05’s Mo Emma
Reg ID: P43658543 - Fullblood
Polled bull
DOB: 12/25/15
Pictured at 2.5 years old
Weight at 2.5 Years  1,263 At NAILE show
 Frame Size: 1 (47.5 inches at NAILE show)

22 Flash’s Independence Day

Wt. Tape Est: 840 lbs
Frame Size: 0 (43 inches at 3 years old)

DJF Quip 10T Tianna

Wt. Tape Est: 1,200 lbs
Frame Size: 3 (49” at 5 years old)
50% Mini bloodlines

LS N014 6964 Leia

    Wt. Tape Est: 750 lbs at 13 months
    Frame Size: 4 (46 inches at 13 months) - Moderate Hereford

MAU Classic Tess
Heifer calf
DOB: 08/06/19
BW: 70 lbs
Height: 27”

MAU Classic Patriot
Bull calf
DOB: 07/04/19
BW: 70 lbs
Height: 26.5”

MAU Classic Letty
Heifer calf - bottle baby
DOB: 03/27/19
BW: 75 lbs
Height: 27.5”