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Mauldin Classic Herefords

Raising the right size for better efficiency and profit for small farms

Our Thoughts

This page is used to allow us to share articles we have written or have found on the Internet that we believe has useful information for just considering or starting to raise smaller cattle such as Mini Hereford or Lowline Angus breeds on smaller farms.

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Date Listed

Healthy Beef

Grass-fed for efficient raising but not best as end product for tasty beef.


October 05, 2016

Research showing that "saturated fat" is no longer considered bad for you. This is after the government said it was bad for you for over 60 years.

Saturated Fat

April 06, 2015


Discusses how to estimate how much freezer storage may be required when you purchase a processed animal.

Freezer Size Consideration

April 06, 2015

Article about a niche market of raising Lowline Angus for processing

Niche Market

April 06, 2015

Selecting Quality Cattle

Article sharing 4H info on how to judge cattle for best quality

Beef Animal Selection

April 06, 2015

Article showing how to evaluate the muscling of beef cattle.

Muscle Scoring Beef

April 06, 2015

Size Strategy

Article discussing that size does matter related to the cattle industry and bigger is not always the best solution.

Size Does Matter

April 06, 2015

 Smaller cows can produce more profitable fed steers

Smaller cows

October 19 2018

Discusses why we believe the larger sized framed Miniature Herefords, we call "Classic Herefords" are best for us

Why Classic Size Herefords

April 06, 2015

Our article related to focusing on the right size of cattle for us that can be financially justified

Goldilocks Approach

April 07, 2015

Our article related to the "mini" cattle breed will not be an impact on the commercial beef herds

Minis won't impact commercial herds

October 18, 2015