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Lazy G Red By Design
A son of Murrumbong LGL Bluey

Described in the 2011 Red October Sale catalog as
“one of Bluey’s best breeding sons, linebred for homozygosity”

US Breeders Import the Red Lowline Genetics
to the USA

(Thanks to Lazy G Lowlines for sharing this information with us)

The American Lowline Registry was established in the late 1990's. Lazy G Lowlines  imported the first red fullblood Lowlines in 2007. Those cattle were purchased from “Top of the Range Stud”, a Lowline breeder in Australia.  Murrumbong LGL Bluey was registered in Australia Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) as “Big Red” but was removed when it was discovered he was red! This so enraged David Hampton (the owner of Top of the Range) he sold his herd to Lazy G Lowlines in the USA. Lazy G also purchased the Goan stud from Margaret Wood who was an original member of ALCA. They were also lucky to have been able to purchase SC Brook who carried the true red gene in addition to the wild allele carried by LGL Bluey and LGL Red Tulip.

They purchased the herd from Top of the Range in 2006 and started collecting semen and embryos in Australia. Lazy G Lowlines started selling semen in 2007, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Information Services (APHIS) rules changed during that time and started allowing the import of older cattle into the US.  Lazy G tested for the Wild Allele and also for different bloodlines that were available in the US and picked 24 head of cattle from the herd bought to import into the US.

Angus registry in Scotland, Australia, USA and others did not allow red angus to be registered. When the Lowline associations in Australia started, they did not allow red cattle to be registered.

There was resistance with the red Lowline in Australia because the Lowlines (ALCA) in Australia were formed by a group of small acreage owners that were not necessarily cattlemen. They wrote into their bylaws that Lowlines were always Black. This statement was what fueled the resistance to the reds, which have been blamed on a Red Angus bull breeding a Lowline heifer at Margaret Woods Goan stud. After an unrelated red gene carrier was found from the Brambletye Herd here in the US, it calmed down some  It was then discovered that here in the US the Black Angus Assoc was calling the Wild Allele a defect just as they called the red gene a defect. It was only found after DNA testing became more advanced that they were able to discover that the wild allele was in the Angus herd also.

Lazy G was able to register the red Lowlines in America because the founders of the Lowline breed here  had the foresight to recognize that as Angus based cattle the possibility of the reds was there.

So Lazy G was able to start registering their red Lowlines. Lazy G started registering Bluey's sire and Dam in the American Lowline Registry (ALR) first. Once they were registered they registered Bluey and LGL Red Tulip - then the fireworks started!!

As Lazy G was importing the reds and registering them, Pattie Seeley was seeing that when she bred her bull, LB Dusty, to other breeds she was seeing some red calves! After testing Dusty she found he had the true red gene. Pattie had what we believe was the first red Fullblood calves using LGL Bluey as the sire and a Dusty sister, Bess’ Pride. The red Lowline genetics have now spread across the USA and many other countries. They are recognized not only for being red or having the red gene but also for their outstanding conformation and quality beef. Lazy G Lowlines had a son from Bluey that they called Lazy G Red By Design. He is pictured in the 2011 Red October Sale catalog. The catalog shows many of the outstanding red Lowlines that have come about because of the chance they took to bring  red Lowline genetics to the USA that could not be registered in Australia.

2011 Red October Lazy G Lowlines Sale catalog

Murrumbong LGL Bluey
(wild allele)

SC Brook
(True red)

Murrumbong LGL Red Tulip
(wild allele)

LB Dusty
(True red)

Understanding DNA Testing for Color