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Mauldin Classic Herefords

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Thanks for visiting our Sales Barn page. We will always list a price. We will show pictures of calves at different ages so people can see what will be coming up for sale and how they have grown. A price range will be shown indication of how the price could change as a calf grows. Only one picture will be shown for mature animals. Let us know if you have any questions or need additional pictures or extended videos.

Cow/heifer pair for sale. (SOLD ---- 5/01/19)

Posted April 19, 2019

(SOLD ---- 5/01/19)

Keeping several Mini/Classic heifer calves as we replace several of our moderate Herefords with calves on their side from Mini Hereford bulls and also the moderate Hereford cows are likely to be bred back to our Mini bull. We currently have 6 heifers that we are keeping for our breeding program in the future.

For Sale --- DBR Home Girl Play D115, registered moderate Hereford with a bull calf at her side and he can be registered also.

The bull calf is her second calf. His date of birth was 3/12/19 and is 41 days old in the picture. No problem, breeding, calving, or raising her calves. Gentle with no problems.

Price for the pair is $2,000 and possibly pregnant with our Mini Hereford bull. Her first calf was a heifer and went out for a 4H/FFA show project.