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Mauldin Classic Herefords

& Red Lowline Angus

Raising the right size for better efficiency and profit for small farms

Size Matters at the Sale Barn!!

Size does matter if owners of smaller cattle need to take them to a sale barn. We raise Classic (miniature) Hereford cattle and Red Lowline Angus and we did not understand what the impact would be if we needed to take any steers to a local sale barn but we certainly have learned and have adjusted our focus to “Classic Sized” cattle that are between Miniatures and Full Sized cattle. They have been proven to be more efficient and financially justified.

Most of the bull calves born on a farm will not or should not be sold as breeding bulls because most of them are not the quality to be used as a breeding bull. That means they will either have to be sold as show steers or go to an auction. Even the show steer eventually has only one future and that is to be processed. Mini Herefords and Lowline Angus are beef breeds and need to be able to be sold for beef at a profitable price.

Recently we took four steers to a local sale barn to see how they would do. Each steer had different genetics and sizes. We wanted to create this page to track how different types/sizes of steers did when taken to a sale barn. Below is a table showing different type of  information related to the steer that was sold. This is to help other people understand what they may expect with the steers they need to sell. We have been changing some of our herd after learning how important having the “right size” for a small farm can be and much can be lost on having cattle too small.

Steer ID



Age Sold



Total Amt



Full Hereford

Classic Hereford
51" tall
1,100 lbs

17 months

740 lbs



Dam was bred by full sized Hereford bull before we purchased her. We are breeding her with our Classic/Mini size Hereford bull to get Classic size offspring in the future.


Mini Hereford
45" tall
900 lbs

Percentage Lowline
51" tall
1,200 lbs

6 months

435 lbs



This was a nice steer that we sold sooner than we wanted to but included him  with the other three steers we were taking to the sale. This dam will be bred with a heaver red Lowline bull in the future and will help improve the weaning wt. plus allow the offspring to be registered as  a Moderator Lowline to possibly improve the selling options.


Classic/Mini Hereford
46" tall
1,150 lbs

Fullblood Lowline
41" tall
750 lbs.

14 months 10/08/16

395 lbs



This was one of the first Lowline heifers we purchased thinking all Lowlines were this small. She was entirely too small and her offspring did not have the growth required for us. She was sold to help improve our herd size to bigger cows.


Fullblood Lowline

Purebred Lowline
46" tall
980 lbs

9 months 10/08/16

345 lbs



Poor growth with this steer. Bought this dam already bred and do not know the height and weight of the bull used. This dam  will be bred to our bigger, heavier Lowline bull to improve this dam's offspring.


We do not have many animals that will be taken to a local sale barn. However, we will continue to add any other steers to this list that we do sell. We have sold our Mini Hereford bull calves between $1,200 - $2,000 in the past. We are lowing our prices for bull calves that we don’t believe are of the quality we would use for breeding. Also young people looking for show steers for local shows and 4H/FFA projects will be offered steers for prices under $1,000.

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